Best-Kept Secret – Free FWA Medicare Resource

By Shelley Segal, CEO

Are you a small to medium Medicare Advantage health plan struggling to identify fraud, waste or abuse (FWA) leads? Want help identifying patterns in your claims data to facilitate regular recoveries from false billings? Let Segal Medicare Experts (SME) get you onto the inside track with the industry’s best-kept secret! Gain access to a (100% free) public-private resource which will connect you with a network of like-minded, anti-fraud Medicare partners at both the federal and state level. For more information, just reach out to SME at: or 562.334.7980

This exclusive resource will allow you the opportunity to collaborate with 5 federal partners, 54 law enforcement agencies, 97 private payors (other health plans), 48 state & local partners and 13 fraud-related associations.

Join this partnership (at no cost) and elect to share your plan’s professional, institutional and pharmacy claims data to receive unique cross-payor data analyses tailored to uncover potential savings you would not otherwise (as a single plan) be able to generate. As a valued partner, you will be assigned to a seasoned fraud expert (liaison) who will be available during daily business hours to help you identify leads and answer questions you may have. All this at zero cost to you!

Another free benefit for partners includes quarterly educational trainings, held virtually, which consist of live, partner-to-partner case sharing sessions. Commonly included in these agendas are law enforcement case presentations (exclusive only to partners), which expose freshly discovered fraud schemes, insightful investigative tips, and other confidential “insider” information.

Contact Segal Medicare Experts today–don’t miss out! Take full advantage of this free, one-of-a-kind healthcare partnership based on a nation-wide collaborative model. Gain broader visibility into the universe of false billing, learn innovative detection strategies, and learn to stop fraudulent payments from going out the door. Contact Segal Medical Experts now to gain access to invaluable monetary recoveries for your plan. Potential savings await!